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The Batteries

The bikes for the rally will feature two interchangeable MOPO batteries. Making it the furthest an electric bike can travel in the world.

About The Power .

MOPO Technology

Mopo’s Smart Battery System based on the Lithium-ion battery platform, combined with “Mopo battery management technology”. Mopo batteries are only the size of a quarter of a lead battery but have a capacity of 4 times.

The difference of Mopo smart battery is using the clean energy without polluting the environment; The battery is equipped with a charging port from various power sources such as electricity grid, wind power, solar power. There is a system for exchanging / charging battery throughout the country.

In particular, Mopo also has a mobile app for convenient battery management and operation: just scan the QR code to check battery status, find the nearest charging / swapping station. The application can run on both IOS and Android operating systems.

MOPO Power .

MOPO MAX is a lightweight. rechargeable lithium battery. The modular mobile battery pack can be used as a charging station, backup generator and emergency battery. When one is palced in an electric bike, it can travel 50km. For this event we will have two batteries in each bike.

MOPO App .

Always Connected. With Our Exclusive MOPO Branded App, You Will Always Know Your Battery Status. Receiving Push Notifications About How Long Your Battery Will Last, And The Nearest Battery-Swapping Station Will Ensure That You Are Never Kept Waiting On Your Journies.
  • Battery Management System (BMS)
  • Battery management system in the MOPO mobile application
  • Check number of batteries available to swap on your App and where they are on the map
  • Temperature sensor – Real Time
  • Mobile voltage balance Overload protection – Always On
  • Deep discharge discharge protection – Always On